Welcome to Indigenous Fisher Peoples Network

Indigenous Fisher Peoples Network (IFP) was founded in 2004. The main objective was to take the lead in spearheading the participation of indigenous fisher communities in the reforms processes, with specific emphasis on the constitution review and land reforms that were taking place then. This was due to the fact that while other indigenous communities were actively participating in these processes, the voice of the indigenous fisher communities was not being heard.

Initially, IFP was organised as a loose network of several organisations working among and across indigenous fisher communities across the country. It was later registered as a Non Governmental Organisation in June 2008.

Currently, IFP has expanded its work beyond Constitutional reforms work. Among its areas of focus include strengthening the capacities of members and organisations from the indigenous fisher communities through trainings, working through partnerships and networking, joint lobbying and advocacy initiatives, staff exchange programmes, research and documentation and sharing of information. IFP also works to secure the rights of indigenous fisher peoples through human interest litigation. Government and development actors being key to implementation of development initiatives and policies are an important target of IFP’s work. IFP, therefore, strives to ensure that government and development actors’ processes mainstream the rights of indigenous fisher communities, and also ensure that members of these communities are consulted and participate, in an informed manner in any processes and or initiatives that directly or indirectly impact on their lives.



Is the Government doing enough for the fisher communities?